Do you want to be a Certified Beekeeper? Why would you want to be one?

Georgia Master Beekeeper "Certified" Testing May 3rd, 2014 Register Now

What's involved: To quote the UGA Master Beekeeper website the Certified Beekeeper level is the first in 'an intensive four-step program designed to provide participants the opportunity to increase their knowledge about all things dealing with bees and beekeeping. This program gives participants the opportunity to learn and also teach others about beekeeping and promote the industry. It also helps establish the participant as an authority and an educational resource in his or her community. Individualized instruction is provided through a series of classroom lectures and hands-on workshops by experts in the field of beekeeping. Individuals should be familiar with the basic skills and knowledge necessary for the beginning hobby beekeeper.'

What's required:

  • Must have had beekeeping experience prior to the test.
  • Must pass a written and practical test.
  • The practical test includes being able to:
    • describe the parts of a beehive;
    • light and properly use a smoker;
    • recognize the various stages of brood, different castes of bees, and find or at least describe the queen;
    • differentiate between brood, pollen, capped honey;
    • recognize propolis and describe its functions; and
    • describe the layout of a brood nest, i.e., placement of honey, pollen and brood.
  • The written test includes materials covered during Beekeeper Institute (Young Harris College) lectures and labs, as well as outside readings.
  • Official text for the program is the 2007 edition of First Lessons in Beekeeping, Dadant & Sons.


Testing is scheduled to take place May 3rd, 2014


There will not be a review session prior to testing.

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If you are still interested in participating, contact Cindy Hodges at (770) 394-5051

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